Born in Córdoba, Argentina, Gabriela Acha is a visual artist and collector of different objects. She went to Colegio Nacional de Monserrat, a humanist high school. There, she increased her interests in music and literature. 

From 2006 to 2008 she studied  Modern Literature, later she started Sculpture in National University of Córdoba where she obtained her college degree in 2014.

Since 2014 she is part of a group of artists named Expedition, that works connecting Art and Natural Science. The members of this group are visual artists, researchers and scientific illustrators.

She participated at the residences R.A.R.O. in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Intervalo Laboratorio in Quito, Ecuador and in La Sala que Habito, Córdoba, Argentina.

She continues developing a visual production and taking further training in Marabunta, a program of studio visits from international curators, P.A.C. (Contemporary Artistic Practices) of Gachi Prieto Gallery and attending to the workshop of the curator Andrés Lábake in E.A.C. Montevideo, Uruguay. Nowadays, she attends the Master in ArtScience of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, in Nederlands.


I have a personal obsession with collecting. For the past 15 years I have been collecting minerals, antiques, stamps, coins, and fossils. The Cabinets of Curiosities that were the predecessors of today’s museums have been my source material, and the traveler artist and naturalist the archetype of my artistic persona. Creatively I want to elaborate upon the process of documenting and describing natural and man-made objects in order to establish unsuspected dialogues between seemingly unlike things.

            I am interested in how a trans-disciplinary approach to visual arts allows for various avenues of input to gather around, and function as the units of production for a central concept. My primary mode of creative initiation is sculpture, with the final realization of these sculptural elements expressed through performance. This path between sculpture and performance, however involves a process of documentation, and evidence collecting that relies on photography, video, and analytic / creative writing.

            Over the past few years I have viewed the idea of the museum, or the institution where a concept is presented, as an artistic medium in and of itself, and whether I am working in musical theatre, a botanical museum, or an art space, I am interested in how the installation of an idea, and the possible different disciplines on display within those spaces, create an interactive experience.

The Hague, Nederland

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